NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs

For FOX Sports’ coverage of the NFC Playoffs we turned to the textural and tactile nature of fashion photography tear sheets, with key players from each of our Wildcard contenders captured in stasis amongst crisp, clean and beautifully rendered glass slides.

NFL on FOX – “Those Guys are Characters”

NFL on FOX - "Those Guys are Characters"

JB Smoove loves the football on FOX, and he loves riffing on things. Put the two together and…voila!

NFL on FOX – “Launch”

NFL on FOX - "Launch"

The amazing designers and artists at Superfad pitched us this surreal football/rocket launch a few years back. Couldn’t do it then, but got to do it now. Sweet.

Super Bowl XLV Pregame

Super Bowl XLV Pregame

As the super bowl pretty well promotes itself it was determined to make sure the games audience tuned in early to catch fox’s red carpet pregame event. Generating as much excitement as possible was the purpose of this spot to make sure everyone was there for the build up to the big game.

NFL on FOX – It’s Good to Have a Ring

NFL on FOX - It's Good to Have a Ring

Most regular people may not know it, but the world is divided into two types of people. Those who have Super Bowl rings…and those who don’t.

NFL “Delivery Center”

NFL "Delivery Center"

If it’s Sunday morning then it’s time to deliver some NFL action to fans around the country.

Super Bowl XLII Pregame

Super Bowl XLII Pregame

The red carpet bash for the 2008 Super Bowl was going to be the biggest to date. To showcase the event, Fox Sports created a Jack and the Beanstalk inspired spot…

NFL Playoffs on Fox

NFL Playoffs on Fox

NFL Playoffs mean snow, drama, and awesome slow-mo footage with a raspy narrator.

NFL “Vending Machine”

NFL  "Vending Machine"

A vending machine is a lot like the NFL, don’t you think? They both have too much good stuff, usually overstimulate you, and always seems to bring a smile to your face.

NFL “Boardgame”

NFL "Boardgame"

We wanted something fun and fast-paced for our NFL on FOX campaign. Rob Hoover hunkered down with Tom Neston to design some really great boards for this elaborate “Mousetrap” styled boardgame.

NFL “Chalkboard”

NFL "Chalkboard"

Our friends at Blind pitched us this idea with some the sweetest boards we’ve ever seen.

Super Bowl Pregame “Rooms”

Super Bowl Pregame "Rooms"

In this spot we travel through a stylized environment consisting of many different theme rooms, meant to mirror the pregame festivities.

Super Bowl / Daytona “Flags”

Super Bowl / Daytona “Flags”

We wanted something that would feel really grand and epic for this combo Super Bowl/Daytona spot and decided to make falling flags of giant scale the core of the piece.