Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction

Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction

After an exhaustive creative exploration, the answer was found lying right in front of us… A color wheel. The perfect vehicle (sorry, couldn’t resist) to showcase the unique and beautiful automobiles of Barrett Jackson.

NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs

For FOX Sports’ coverage of the NFC Playoffs we turned to the textural and tactile nature of fashion photography tear sheets, with key players from each of our Wildcard contenders captured in stasis amongst crisp, clean and beautifully rendered glass slides.

MLB on FOX Postseason

MLB on FOX Postseason

Take some of baseball’s most stirring postseason moments, stitch them together with some remarkable CG macro views of iconic baseball objects, and get ready for some unforgettable postseason baseball on FOX.



Regular season college football games for the first time ever on FOX? Clearly an announcement we should make with solemnity, reverence, and great restraint. Or, we could have unicorns and exploding announcers. Hmmm, tough call.

La Ultima Palabra

La Ultima Palabra

Out with the old, in with the new. This spot puts FOX Deportes’ two flagship shows front and center in this timely political campaign spoof.

UEFA Returns

UEFA Returns

So much of soccer is based on tradition, which is why we created a spot emphasizing one of our traditions: putting the stars of today front and center.

UFC on FOX – “Ordinary Guys”

UFC on FOX - "Ordinary Guys"

We reached out to Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Frankie Edgar – some of the UFC’s biggest stars – to join in on a little case study that we conducted.

Fox Soccer – “Ocean”

Fox Soccer - "Ocean"

It needed to be big, it needed to be epic, and it needed to kick you in the…. well, you get the idea. We were asked to create an open that would run before every live game on Fox Soccer.

NASCAR on FOX – “Scanlines”

NASCAR on FOX - "Scanlines"

We went for an elegant graphic approach for our 2012 NASCAR package partnering with NYC-based Thornberg & Forester.

UFC on FX – “Wires”

UFC on FX - "Wires"

We looked to Logan in NYC to create a package for our networks at FX, Fox Deportes, and Fuel that could grab their diverse audiences and introduce them to the Octagon.

Fox Deportes – UFC Con Garra

Fox Deportes - UFC Con Garra

The Fox Sports Design group had the great pleasure to shoot a handful of elite athletes in a candid, raw, and “Con Garra” style.

NFL on FOX – “Those Guys are Characters”

NFL on FOX - "Those Guys are Characters"

JB Smoove loves the football on FOX, and he loves riffing on things. Put the two together and…voila!

NFL on FOX – “Launch”

NFL on FOX - "Launch"

The amazing designers and artists at Superfad pitched us this surreal football/rocket launch a few years back. Couldn’t do it then, but got to do it now. Sweet.

MLB on FOX – “Traditions”

MLB on FOX - "Traditions"

Baseball is home to some of sports’ most sacred traditions. Some would see these institutions and respectfully leave them be, and some would not. Guess which route we went?

The Car Show – “Adam Loves Cars”

The Car Show - "Adam Loves Cars"

Adam Corolla has been in the public eye for over a decade, and has found success as a radio personality, television host, and a comedian. So, at this point, his fans might think that they know the man pretty well. That’s about to change when they discover just how far he is willing to take his love for cars.

Con Garra – “Yankees”

Con Garra - "Yankees"

Our objective was to give viewers a taste of how ferocious some of the world’s greatest athletes could be. We figured that placing the viewer alone with them in a dimly lit, compact space was a good start.

EllisMania – “Cell Animation”

EllisMania - "Cell Animation"

Our friends at FUEL TV challenged us to condense the sheer chaos of action sports star Jason Ellis’ television show, “EllisMania,” into a thirty second commercial. Fortunately, with the help of Bill Sneed and his team at Yankee Peddler, we had the tools to get the job done.

NASCAR on FOX – “He’s a Fan”

NASCAR on FOX - "He's a Fan"

Several years ago there was a really fun NASCAR on Fox campaign called “He’s A Fan”. That campaign was so sweet we were asked to do an updated take on it this year to help promote our 2010 NASCAR on Fox season. Proving that dedicated NASCAR fans will take their thrills wherever they can find them, here’s our update on “He’s A Fan”. – “The Break Up” - "The Break Up" is taking the internet by storm, leaving countless websites to be cast aside and forgotten. What happens when these relics of the internet become sentient? Well, naturally, they return in a holographic form to haunt their former users.

Super Bowl XLV Pregame

Super Bowl XLV Pregame

As the super bowl pretty well promotes itself it was determined to make sure the games audience tuned in early to catch fox’s red carpet pregame event. Generating as much excitement as possible was the purpose of this spot to make sure everyone was there for the build up to the big game.

The Daily

The Daily

The guys at The Daily called and said Mr. Murdoch had specifically asked for “the Fox Sports guys in LA” to do a commercial announcing the new iPad app to air in the Super Bowl. The bad news? The Super Bowl was 14 days away when they called.

Fuel TV – “Subway”

Fuel TV - “Subway”

We needed a quick and effective way to persuade people to watch FUEL TV’s nightly show, “The Daily Habit.” We figured that the only logical ultimatum was to threaten to kill a few puppies and kittens if people failed to tune in. Mission accomplished.

Fuel TV – “Fearless Wednesdays”

Fuel TV - "Fearless Wednesdays"

Coming up with a cohesive look for programming that ranges from Australian lifeguards to redneck daredevils would be a daunting task for a network that doesn’t have charismatic and beautiful on-screen talent at its disposal. Fortunately, FUEL TV was not lacking in that department.

NFL on FOX – It’s Good to Have a Ring

NFL on FOX - It's Good to Have a Ring

Most regular people may not know it, but the world is divided into two types of people. Those who have Super Bowl rings…and those who don’t.