MLB on FOX Postseason

MLB on FOX Postseason

Take some of baseball’s most stirring postseason moments, stitch them together with some remarkable CG macro views of iconic baseball objects, and get ready for some unforgettable postseason baseball on FOX.

MLB All-Star Game – “Mechanics”

MLB All-Star Game - "Mechanics"

We partnered up with the animation All-Stars at Logan for the 2011 All-Star Game spot. The intricate inner workings of a baseball were expanded to the nth degree to showcase the players of the Midsummer Classic.

MLB “Signs”

MLB "Signs"

Leroy + Clarkson pitched us some beautiful boards that had a classic, roadside America quality.

MLB on FOX – “Traditions”

MLB on FOX - "Traditions"

Baseball is home to some of sports’ most sacred traditions. Some would see these institutions and respectfully leave them be, and some would not. Guess which route we went?

MLB All-Star Game “Sand”

MLB All-Star Game “Sand”

Fox Sports Designs’ in-house team partnered up with VFX heavyweights, The Mill, to create a very surreal day at the beach for some of baseball’s biggest superstars. With the All-Star game coming to Southern California this year it seemed like a natural to incorporate one of Californias’ most iconic features…the beach.

MLB All-Star Game “Magnet”

MLB All-Star Game “Magnet”

The brief for our 2009 All-Star Game called for us to highlight that the game was in St. Louis. So we cycled through “St. Louis” ideas and naturally kept focusing on the Arch.

MLB “Maps”

MLB "Maps"

Having trouble keeping track of all the brand new MLB ballparks? Maybe you need the ultimate MLB GPS mapping system to help you locate Fox’s game of the week?

MLB Playoffs “Newsstand”

MLB Playoffs "Newsstand"

Headlines change, covers suddenly animate, and players burst from the confines of the printed page in this campaign for the NLCS and World Series.

MLB All-Star Game “Rafters”

MLB All-Star Game  “Rafters”

Yankee Stadiums iconic facade, along with giant billboards of today’s greatest baseball stars, magically appear across New York City to herald the arrival of the final All-Star Game ever at legendary Yankee Stadium.

MLB All-Star Game “Cable Cars”

MLB All-Star Game  “Cable Cars”

Every year we seem to do an All-Star campaign that features shooting a boatload of players and hoping for the best when we get back into the edit bay. This year was no exception.

MLB “Clocks”

MLB  "Clocks"

We set out to create an imaginative look that felt retro and modern at the same time. Using Jules Verne and H.G. Wells as inspiration, we designed an intricate time machine device that could televise upcoming match-ups.

MLB “Final Cut”

MLB "Final Cut"

A room full of editors hard at work piecing together some of fall baseball’s most exciting finishes?

MLB All-Star Game “Steel”

MLB All-Star Game  "Steel"

The MLB All-Star game is the biggest and most watched event of the summer. It was an epic challenge that needed an equally grand idea.

MLB All-Star Game “Pinball”

MLB All-Star Game “Pinball”

FOX Sports teamed up with design, animation and visual effects studio BL:ND to place the biggest stars in Major League Baseball inside a pinball machine for a new spot promoting the All-Star Game.