NFL on FOX – It’s Good to Have a Ring

NFL on FOX - It's Good to Have a Ring

Most regular people may not know it, but the world is divided into two types of people. Those who have Super Bowl rings…and those who don’t.

MLB All-Star Game “Sand”

MLB All-Star Game “Sand”

Fox Sports Designs’ in-house team partnered up with VFX heavyweights, The Mill, to create a very surreal day at the beach for some of baseball’s biggest superstars. With the All-Star game coming to Southern California this year it seemed like a natural to incorporate one of Californias’ most iconic features…the beach.

MLB All-Star Game “Magnet”

MLB All-Star Game “Magnet”

The brief for our 2009 All-Star Game called for us to highlight that the game was in St. Louis. So we cycled through “St. Louis” ideas and naturally kept focusing on the Arch.

NASCAR “Underground”

NASCAR "Underground"

Maybe it’s the speed, maybe it’s the power, or maybe it’s just the ear-splitting noise, but something about tackling a new NASCAR project always inspires a lot of really interesting and fun ideas for us to dive into, and this year was no exception.

MLB All-Star Game “Rafters”

MLB All-Star Game  “Rafters”

Yankee Stadiums iconic facade, along with giant billboards of today’s greatest baseball stars, magically appear across New York City to herald the arrival of the final All-Star Game ever at legendary Yankee Stadium.

NASCAR “Engine City”

NASCAR  “Engine City”

Nascar hit the airwaves in February, and with that came one of the department’s most sought after campaigns.

BCS Ladders

BCS Ladders

Fox Sports in-house creative team has partnered with visual effects house Buf to produce a visually arresting spot announcing the arrival of College Football’s Bowl Championship Series to Fox this season.

Best Damn Sports Show Period “Nightclub”

Best Damn Sports Show Period  “Nightclub”

Dave Mellott pitched a pretty interesting idea that hewed closely to where this spot landed, and our boss really loved the idea of a modern “Copacabana” style club…so that’s what we did.

NASCAR “Galaxy”

NASCAR “Galaxy”

Fox Sports in-house creative team partnered with visual effects house Digital Domain to produce a visually arresting 60 second space epic announcing the return of the Daytona 500.

MLB All-Star Game “Cable Cars”

MLB All-Star Game  “Cable Cars”

Every year we seem to do an All-Star campaign that features shooting a boatload of players and hoping for the best when we get back into the edit bay. This year was no exception.

NASCAR “Road Race”

NASCAR  “Road Race”

Nascar’s most famous cars are seen racing at incredible speeds and performing impossible stunts as they make their way over, under, around, and on top of American landmarks such as Times Square, Hoover Dam, the St.Louis Arch, and the Las Vegas Strip.

MLB All-Star Game “Pinball”

MLB All-Star Game “Pinball”

FOX Sports teamed up with design, animation and visual effects studio BL:ND to place the biggest stars in Major League Baseball inside a pinball machine for a new spot promoting the All-Star Game.

Super Bowl / Daytona “Flags”

Super Bowl / Daytona “Flags”

We wanted something that would feel really grand and epic for this combo Super Bowl/Daytona spot and decided to make falling flags of giant scale the core of the piece.