Fox Soccer – “Ocean”

It needed to be big, it needed to be epic, and it needed to kick you in the…. well, you get the idea. We were asked to create an open that would run before every live game on Fox Soccer. “We wanted to give Fox Soccer an open that was unique to their channel, and to give them something very aggressive and urgent to open their broadcasts with.” said Robert Gottlieb, Fox Sports Marketing’s SVP/Group Creative Director.

We turned to longtime collaborative partners and creative juggernauts Important Looking Pirates to turn our humble cocktail napkin sketches into a fully realized vision. “ILP did an amazing job bringing this idea to life for us,” said Matthew Waddell, Fox Sports Marketing / Creative Director. With Elias Arts delivering a propulsive original score that took the ID to the next level, the final piece is destined to be a signature piece of on-air branding for Fox Soccer as the fast-growing channel continues bringing US fans the best Soccer from across the ocean.

Client – Fox Soccer

Agency – Fox Sports Marketing

CMO – Eric Markgraf
SVP/Group Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
VP On-Air Promotions – Bill Battin
Creative Director – Matthew Waddell
Producer – Lily Lam
Edit — Dylan Way
Flame Finishing – Thomas Downs
Sound Design – Mic Brooling / Chris Fina
Design – Ryan Zunkley


VFX Supervisor – Yafei Wu
VFX Producer – Måns Björklund
3D Lead – Bobo Skipper / Niklas Ström
3D – Jason Martin / Victor Carlander
2D – Adrian Dexter

Music – Elias Arts

Executive Producer – Ann Haugen
Composer – Michael Fraumeni
Creative Director – Dave Gold

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