Con Garra – “Yankees”

Tu comprendes? No.

definition (n, v, adj)
1. To get a swift ass kicking by the UFC’s heavy weight champion of the world, Cain Velasquez.
2. “With Fist” a saying that should not be interpreted literally, but to the millions of Spanish speaking fans of Deportes it is synonymous with power, pride and passion.

If you answered a broadway musical with Christina Aguilera, you can sit down.

Fox Deportes has been a network on the move over the past year and now they are continuing their ascent with an image campaign that features the biggest names and biggest sports in the world. The Fox Sports Design group had the great pleasure to shoot a handful of these All Star Latin Athletes in a candid, raw, and “Con Garra” style. Daniel Pearl ASC set the shot on the Red “Epic” and Blake Danforth directed the athletes through simple, yet expressive portraits.

Client – Fox Deportes

Agency – Fox Sports Marketing

CMO – Eric Markgraf
SVP/Group Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
VP On-Air Promotions – Bill Battin
Creative Director – Blake Danforth
Executive Producer – Keith Hritz
Production Manager – Rita Mazmanian
Edit – Michael Porter
Sound Design – Mic Brooling
Flame Finishing – Kevin Prendiville, Simon Holden

Production – MHP

Producer – Lissa Weiss & Marsha Hunt
Director – Blake Danforth
DP – Daniel Pearl

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