UFC on FX – “Wires”

“The UFC is finally where it belongs on the number one network in the country and aligned with the most prestigious sports properties in the world. I’ve always said that the UFC will be the biggest sport in the world and with this relationship, it will become a reality.” said UFC President Dana White back in August, when the UFC first signed on with Fox Sports.

The UFC is now a major sports property, spanning the entire collection of Fox Sports Networks, and it is the fastest growing sport among sports fans. And so, with this terrific opportunity we looked to Logan in NYC to create a package for our networks at FX, Fox Deportes, and Fuel that could grab their diverse audiences and introduce them to the Octagon. The creative team, led by Carlos Stevens, developed a robust package that featured the elegance and grace of CG fighters sculpted from wire. Logan was able to bring the fighters to life with great character animation and dynamic lensing. “We pushed these guys to rethink the design and feel of how the fight world is normally promoted”, said Creative Director Blake Danforth. “Logan was amazing from beginning to end, they had a vision and wouldn’t settle until everything was perfect.” added Keith Hritz, Executive Producer Fox Sports Marketing.

Client – Fox Sports Media Group

Agency – Fox Sports Marketing

CMO – Eric Markgraf
SVP/ Group Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
VP On-Air Promotions – Bill Battin
Creative Director – Blake Danforth
Executive Producer – Keith Hritz
Editor – Tom Hok
Flame Finishing – Simon Holden, Thomas Downs
Sound Design – Mic Brooling

VFX – Logan

Creative Director – Carlos Stevens
Executive Producer – Santino Sladavic
Producer – Reece Ewing
Art Director – Huy Dang
Editor – Karl Amdal
Designers – Huy Dang, Kenji Yamashita, Gordon Waltho, Carlos Stevens, Jeff Welk
Storyboards – Fred Fassberger
Lead Lighter, Modeler, Texture – Warren Heimall
TD, Modeler, Rigger, Animator – Trentity Dewitt
TD, Rigger, Animator – Dave LoGuidice
Animators – Nick Dubois, Grand Cerulo
3D Model/Texture – Grant Cerulo, John Michael Burbon
Compositors – Danny Princz, Eric Conception, Dave LoGiudice
Coordinator – Jason Bartnett

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