MLB on FOX – “Traditions” – Autotuner

Baseball is home to some of sports’ most sacred traditions. Some would see these institutions and respectfully leave them be, and some would not. Guess which route we went? So, armed with a maniacal monkey, a brand new Auto-Tuner 5000, and some nine-inch nails, we got busy and convinced Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to take a walk on the ridiculous side. “Joe and Tim really embraced the idea of having some fun and tweaking people’s expectations of there on-camera personas,” said Fox Sports Marketing SVP, Robert Gottlieb.

Thanks to the great group at HSI and director Ryan Ebner, and a big thanks to the crazed, feral monkey for not ripping off anyone’s face during the shooting.

Agency – Fox Sports Marketing

CMO – Eric Markgraf
SVP/Group Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
VP On-Air Promotions – Bill Battin
Copywriters –Robert Gottlieb & Loren Tarquino
Production Manager – Rita Mazmanian
Audio Mix – Mic Brooling
Edit– Kirk Smith


Director – Ryan Ebner
Executive Producer – Michael McQuhae
Producer – Paul Ure
DP – Marcelo Durst
Production Designer – Bill Lakoff

VFX – Ingenuity Engine

Creative Director – David Lebensfeld
Creative Director – Grant Miller
Executive Producer – Matthew Poliquin
VFX Producer – Michael Lebensfeld
Vis Efx Supervisor – Adam Catino

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