NASCAR on FOX “Track”

We recently were asked to create some new NASCAR spots that would connect emotionally with core, long-term
NASCAR fans. The brief called for us to reaffirm the cultural connections of God, Country, and Family that many Nascar
fans see as the heart of their sport. To that end, we were asked to build around the tagline… “I believe in Family, I believe
in Country, I believe in Nascar” and to incorporate audio from pre-race prayers.

Since most of our Nascar work in the past tended to focus on power, thrills, and speed, it was a welcome change to go
for a more flesh and blood approach. We produced three different takes on the “I Believe” theme. For “Diner” we relied
on a very simple slice of life vignette to evoke a sense of shared culture and community. For “Projection”, we showed how
true Nascar fans self-identify the sport as actually being a part of their very homes. And for “Track”, we shot at a race to
tap into the self-contained community that springs up at Nascar tracks every week during the season.


Agency – Fox Sports Design
Client – Fox Sports Marketing

Fox Sports Design

EVP Marketing – Eric Markgraf
SVP/ Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
VP On-Air Promotions – Bill Battin
Creative Director – Guillermo Lecuona
Music & Sound Design – Mic Brooling

Live Action Shoot

Director/DP – Guillermo Lecuona
Producer – Lissa Weiss
Production Coordinator – Rita Mazmanian

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