Fox Fantasy Football

So what do we do with a Fantasy Football spot where we’re not allowed to use any NFL footage, stills or logos, and we
also had no screen grabs, artwork, or images from the website to use? Well, what the hell, let’s blow up some footballs!

Seemed like a plan, so off we went armed with a 5000 fps Phantom camera, a bunch of TNT, and a bucket full of footballs
filled with everything from glitter to milk. The pyro guy told us the blast would be big enough that it would make anyone
who was within twenty feet of it…”bleed from their lungs and when they get home and go to bed they will never wake up.”
Now tell me, who couldn’t resist that?

Naturally, we had to test his theory so we all stood within twenty feet of it, and we’re happy to report nobody experienced
bleeding lungs or excessively high doses of death. Truly a success all around.

Directors: Blake Danforth and Guillermo Lecuona

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