MLB All-Star Game “Magnet”

The brief for our 2009 All-Star Game called for us to highlight that the game was in St. Louis. So we cycled through
“St. Louis” ideas and naturally kept focusing on the Arch. After several weeks of banging our heads against the wall trying
to think of Arch ideas, we finally figured out that the Arch looked an awful lot like one of those magnets you got in 5th grade
science class. And since magnets are really good at picking things up, we could have the Arch pick up All-Star players and
fans and bring them to St. Louis for the game.

“We were thrilled to have a concept that really tied the arch and the All-Star Game together.” said Robert Gottlieb, Fox Sports Marketing SVP/Creative Director, “But our excitement was pretty quickly tempered by the realization that, great, we have this idea, now how in the world do we actually pull this off?”

Step one; we called on our friends at La Huella in Madrid to handle the VFX. They must have been knee-deep in Mojitos when we called, because they agreed to do it.

Step two; get MLB stars to agree to let us shoot them (no small task since the baseball season had already started and we were repeatedly told by The Powers That Be “There is no way you will get players to film with you during the season!”) But with a huge assist from the MLB Marketing team, our VP/On-Air Bill Battin somehow moved the mountains, shook the trees, and managed to convince a host of MLB superstars, agents, PR people, Club officials, and Stadium Operations personnel to allow us to film the players…at the stadiums…on game days.

So we packed up the green screens and headed out to St. Louis, Philly, Boston, and New York to shoot the players while Mark Simmons and his plate team darted in and out of various stadiums filming all the plates we would need for compositing. We finished up back home in LA with a location shoot day and a stage day for stunts, threw it all into a blender and…voila, another All-Star extravaganza.


Agency: Fox Sports Design

EVP Marketing – Eric Markgraf
SVP/Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
VP On-Air Promotions – Bill Battin
Creative Director – Mark Simmons
Director On-Air Promotions – Jason Dodd
Design – Kevin Prendiville & Chrisitan DeCastro
Flame color/compositing/finishing – Kevin Prendiville & Thomas Downs
Edit – Kirk Smith
Sound Design – Mic Brooling
Marketing Coordinator – Rita Mazmanian

Live Action Shoot

Production Company – Marsha Hunt Productions
Producers – Marsha Hunt & Lissa Weiss
Director – Robert Gottlieb
DP – Tom McGrath
Art Director – Paul Bickel
Stunt Coordinator – Joe Box
Second Unit Director – Mark Simmons
Second Unit Producer – Jason Dodd
Second Unit Camera – Bennett Cerf
Hand of God and Bonus Camera – Guillermo Lecuona

La Huella Visual Effects

3D/2D Supervision -Jérôme Debève
3D/2D Supervision – Juan Antonio Ruiz

3D artists
Juan Antonio Ruiz
Antonio Lado
David Gonzalez
Gerardo Arpide
Miquel Angel Corominas
Vanesa Iglesias
Martin Contel

Jérôme Debève
Régis Barbey
Thiago Dantas
Ricardo Gomez
Daniel Bryka
Patricia Martin

Music – “Show Me What I’m Looking For” by Carolina Liar

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