BCS Ratings

Sometimes clip-based spots can be an absolute nightmare to deal with, but sometimes it just turns into a really cool opportunity to do something fun. We had some old design/type references sitting on our wall for a hundred years that Guillermo took and built the core of the design with. Then we had Christian work with an idea for environmental 3D elements to be tracked into scenes. Blake came aboard and really stitched it all together. This one definitely blossomed into a team project in every way, with Kevin coming on to help track and build 3D numbers, Junior cutting, and Fulton creating an original music piece (in about 8 hours).


EVP Marketing – Eric Markgraf

SVP/Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb

Creative Director – Blake Danforth

Design & Animation – Guillermo Lecuona

Design – Christian De Castro

Flame – Kevin Prendiville

Editor – Junior McRae

Music – Fulton Dingley

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