Super Bowl Pregame “Rooms”

In this spot we travel through a stylized environment consisting of many different theme rooms, meant to mirror the pregame festivities. Of course, we did this because at the time we prepped this spot nobody could tell us what exactly would be on the pre-game show, so we just sort of guessed and b.s.’ed our way through it. Most rooms we shot multiple times with the camera traveling through different ‘walls’ from multiple angles to give us flexibility in post.


EVP Marketing, Fox Sports – Eric Markgraf
VP/Creative Director, Fox Sports – Robert Gottlieb
Creative Director – Rob Hoover
Director – Robert Gottlieb and Rob Hoover
Fox Producer – Bill Battin
Grfx. Design/VFX – Rene Chamblain, Cari Chadwick, Guillermo Lecuona, Tom Neston, Phil Cappe
Editor – Phillip Shtoll

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