NASCAR “Galaxy”

Fox Sports in-house creative team has partnered with visual effects house Digital Domain to produce a visually arresting 60 second space epic announcing the return of the Daytona 500, airing on Fox this February. “The Daytona 500 is a huge event for us, and we wanted to create a spot that would really grab the attention of the casual viewer and make them pay attention to our promo” said Robert Gottlieb, Fox Sports VP/ Creative Director.

The spot takes a photo-real approach to a surreal fantasy of having NASCAR tracks criss-crossing the farthest reaches of outer space as the sports top drivers make their way back to Earth for the Daytona 500. Set to the propulsive rhythem of the Bell Rays “Revolution Get Down,” the spot features drivers operating in zero-gravity, endless space vistas, cars spinning out into the inifinte reaches of the universe, and a jarringly violent re-entry to planet Earth.

The live-action pieces, directed by Fox Sports’ Robert Gottlieb and Rob Hoover, was filmed over 1 day on a green screen set in Culver City, then edited back at Fox’s in-house facilities before being sent to the team at Digital Domain for creation of the visual effects, 3D modeling, matte painting and animation “Working with Digital Domain was a pleasure.” Said Gottlieb, “they’re an amazing group of artists who really understood how to take this idea and run with it”.


EVP Marketing – Eric Markgraf
VP/Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
Visual Effects – Digital Domain
Director – Robert Gottlieb & Rob Hoover
Executive Producer – Bill Battin
Editor – Felipe Fenton, Fox Sports
Sound Design – Mic Brooling, Fox sports

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