MLB All-Star Game “Cable Cars”

Every year we seem to do an All-Star campaign that features shooting a boatload of players and hoping for the best when we get back into the edit bay. This year was no exception. The brief called for showing the players having fun and to incorporate San Francisco and cable cars. Done and done. Technically, it was a bit of a bear.
We had to film the players on green screen in their Florida and Arizona training camps, then months later film plates in San Francisco, and then composite it all together to appear that the players were actually riding around in San Francisco. A second major challenge was that while we were in the edit and composite stage, players had to be constantly swapped out due to injury or poor performance that would make them ineligible to be all stars. Special thanks to Olivier, Tibo, and the team at BUF for making us once again look like we (almost) know what we’re doing.

Live Action

Director – Robert Gottlieb and Mark Denyer-Simmons
DP – Stefan Czapsky
Producer – Lissa Weiss & Marsha Hunt

Fox Sports

EVP Marketing – Eric Markgraf
SVP/Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
SVP On Air Production – Chris Hannan
Creative Director – Mark Denyer-Simmons
Executive Producer – Bill Battin
Production Manager – Becky Schaefer
Editor – Tom Hok
Sound Design – Mic Brooling
Flame Compositing – Thomas Downs
Design – Tom Neston


Creative Director/VFX Supervisor – Olivier Dumont
Lead Flame – Thibault Debaveye

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