Best Damn Sports Show Period “Nightclub”

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Dave Mellott pitched a pretty interesting idea that hewed closely to where this spot landed, and our boss really loved the idea of a modern “Copacabana” style club…so that’s what we did. The harness-cam on Salley was a pain to work with (more for him then us), and we never did get the kitchen flames just right, but Daniel Pearl’s photography and Guillermo’s glowing BDSSP cube made it all good in the end.


EVP Marketing, FSN – Eric Markgraf
VP/Creative Director, FSN – Robert Gottlieb
Creative Director FSN – David Mellott
Director – Robert Gottlieb and David Mellott
DP – Daniel Pearl
Production Design – Shel Greb

Production Company – Marsha Hunt Productions
Fox Producer – Bill Battin
Editor – Tom Hok
Music – Dave Hodge @ FINGER LA
Flame VFX – Cari Chadwick, Rene Chamblain
Design – Tom Neston, Guillermo Lecuona

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