BCS Bowl Bash

We needed a playful, fast-paced, somewhat irreverent take on a boatload of bowl games. And we wanted to design in white. Voila! Guillermo designed some beautiful boards for this, teamed up with Mark, and off they went to our friends at Hornet for their expertise in stop-motion. Hornet shot a bunch of the elements, we shot some of the simpler things, then comped it all back here at our studios.


EVP Fox Sports – Eric Markgraf

SVP/Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb

Director – Guillermo Lecuona, Mark Denyer-Simmons

Creative Director – Guillermo Lecuona, Mark Denyer-Simmons

Design & Animation – Guillermo Lecuona

Flame – Thomas Downs

Editor – Nahum Chiappa

Sound Design – Jay Hayes

Executive Producer – Paul Andraos

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